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Newsletter June 2020
We are happy to share the first newsletter of our new LDE Centre Governance of Migration and Diversity which officially started in January 2020.

Due to the circumstances we had to postpone our kick-off conference to 2021.
Nevertheless, we are currently developing our centre and network and would like to share our latest developments and activities.

The LDE Centre GMD team

Academic Executive Board
prof. dr. Marlou Schrover (UL)                          dr. Kimberly Seibel (Research Officer TU/D)
dr. Reinout Kleinhans (TU/D)                            dr. Simona Vezzoli (Research Officer UL)
dr. Jorrit Rijpma (UL)                                         Lhamo Meyer MSc (Jr. Executive Manager EUR)
prof. dr. ir. Thea Hilhorst (EUR)                         prof. dr. Peter Scholten (Scientific Director EUR)
prof. dr. Kristin Henrard (EUR)                          dr. Mark van Ostaijen (Managing Director EUR)       
prof. dr. Olaf van Vliet (UL)
                               dr. Maria Schiller (GMD Master Coordinator EUR)

prof. dr. Bartel van de Walle (TU/D)
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Scientific director prof.dr. Peter Scholten
By this interview, prof.dr. Peter Scholten explains that if you really want to understand migration, you need multiple disciplines. The major challenges posed by migration and diversity require that sort of approach.
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Interview with prof.dr. Marlou Schrover, professor in Migration History, Leiden University
Marlou Schrover shows the patterns and historical precedence for current governance responses to contemporary migration, stating that: "As historians we should highlight the importance of looking at how people have been dealing with issues in the past to apply this knowledge to current events."
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Interview with dr. Reinout Kleinhans, associate professor of Urban Regeneration TU Delft
In this interview, dr. Reinout Kleinhans indicates that "migration and diversity related issues within the urban housing and planning context are a core interest in our research programme. Our design and planning approach is highly complementary to what other institutions are doing in the LDE research centre."
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LDE Master GMD goes online
As many education programs, faced with the COVID19 crisis, our LDE Master GMD has moved to online teaching. Read more
Online student workshop
On Friday 15 May, our centre organised an online workshop during which current GMD students and GMD alumni reflected on the GMD Master programme and shared their ideas for the development of the centre.
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Student opinion articles
Despite writing their theses and following online classes, GMD students wrote two opinion articles on the current situation at the Greek-Turkish border and the increasing forms of solidarity during the current pandemic.
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Students in the Kuyperwijk
In March 2020, GMD students went into the Delft neighbourhood Kuyperwijk to conduct research and developed strategies for the challenges and development opportunities in the neighbourhood.
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Video series GMD Meets
In our new video series, we introduce affiliated scholars, students and professionals from multiple disciplines, sharing their expertise in the field of migration and diversity and addressing current societal issues. In our first videos, dr. Kimberly Seibel and prof.dr. Marlou Schrover introduce their role within our centre and reflect on the current pandemic from an anthropological and historical perspective.
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LDE Centre GMD member Thea Hilhorst awarded with prestigious ERC Advanced Grant
We are pleased and proud to announce that our LDE Centre GMD member Thea Hilhorst was awarded with the prestigious European Research Council Advanced Grant for research.
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Interview with new LDE dean prof.dr. Wim van den Doel
LDE dean Wim van den Doel reflects on the importance of our centre: "Leiden, Delft and Erasmus have complementary expertise regarding migration and diversity and it would be a pity not to combine it."
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