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16 10 2020
"What matters is that, by working together, we can complement each other’s research."
Simona Vezzoli is one of two research officers at the new Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Research Centre Governance of Migration and Diversity. Based at the Leiden Institute for History, Vezzoli is a migration researcher as well as the centre’s new ‘matchmaker’ between researchers of the three universities and funding opportunities.
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GMD Meets series
Watch the new videos of professor of European Law Jorrit Rijpma and recently graduated GMD student Leonieke van Dordrecht.

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LDE Master Governance of Migration and Diversity
Online education as a new reality
Breakout rooms, screen sharing, Zoom/Teams/WebEx/Skype sessions, webinars, etc. as daily forms of communication and teaching. How ‘corona proof’ education remains a steep learning curve.

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GMD Welcome Day 2020
The 5th Welcome Day took place at het Wijkpaleis in Rotterdam following proper measures and physical distancing. During the hybrid (online/offline) introduction to the GMD Master, students were able to get to know each other.

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"I am happy to finish this Master programme with this results after putting a lot of work into it."
In this interview, recently graduated GMD student Elina Jonitz reflects on her achievements of graduating summa cum laude, her experiences within the GMD programme, her thesis research and future ambitions.

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"This achievement confirmed that I made the right decision to study something that I am truly passionate about"
Lilly Brouwer, recently graduated with cum laude, reflects on the GMD Master, her thesis research on a citizen's initiative in Rotterdam and her future goals of creating a positive impact.

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Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Talks
We were happy to introduce our centre and its activities during the first online event organised by the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus project office with more than 70 participants.
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Peter Scholten reflects on migration and diversity trends and the BLM movement
In two opinion articles, Peter Scholten reflects on current migration and diversity trends and shortcomings in the Black Lives Matter debate.
Marlou Schrover on the history of racism in the Netherlands
In this article, professor of Migration History Marlou Schrover reflects on the long history of racial incidents in the Netherlands how it differs from the US.

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Jorrit Rijpma comments on the new European Migration Pact
"I am concerned about the impact of the new border procedures", argues professor of European Law Jorrit Rijpma while reflecting on the new European Pact on Migration and Asylum.

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hotographer: Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Imageshotographer: Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images
"It remains important to unpack the thin policy response to the fire in Moria" - Thea Hilhorst
In her blog post professor of Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction Thea Hilhorst plights that male refugees should not be forgotten and that we should not step into the false dichotomy of deserving/undeserving refugees.

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Two Horizon Europe 2020 grants
Scientific director and Professor of Migration and Diversity Policy Peter Scholten participates in two newly awarded H2020 projects together with dr. Maria Schiller, dr. Pisarevskaya and dr. William Voorberg. The projects focus on a whole community approach to integration and innovation and sustainability in integration practices.
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The LDE Centre GMD team
prof.dr. Marlou Schrover (UL)                         dr. Kimberly Seibel (Research Officer TU/D)
dr. Reinout Kleinhans (TU/D)                         dr. Simona Vezzoli (Research Officer UL)
prof.dr. Jorrit Rijpma (UL)                               Lhamo Meyer MSc (Jr. Executive Manager EUR) Thea Hilhorst (EUR)                        prof.dr. Peter Scholten (Scientific Director EUR)
prof.dr. Olaf van Vliet (UL)                              dr. Mark van Ostaijen (Managing Director EUR)       
                                                                        dr. Maria Schiller (GMD Master Coordinator EUR)
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